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  • While i go to Chinese restaurants with my Western friends, they would ask me things to order according to Chinese custom.

    In the event you ask any Chinese exactly what dishes comprise meals (for example), most Chinese people would simply say 'four dishes then one soup'.

    I am not sure when such concept of meals became very popular in China, that's what's viewed as an ordinary meal. Obviously there are numerous variations from family to family, and with regards to the situation ( for instance, the amount of people at the table, what you are able afford, and many others).

    These 'four dishes' normally add a meat dish, a fish dish, and a vegetable dish. Your fourth dish can be of your choosing. Although this is not just a rule at all, as we have guests both at home and head to restaurants, that is normally what we would order. The stable meals are usually boiled rice.

    So when based on how many dishes we may actually prepare, we normally say three dishes for two people, six dishes for five people, and so on: always a few over heads. This may strike you as a lot of, but since we do not have starters nor cake as desserts in China, it's not at all unreasonable.


    Oh, which is not a bad thing if there are left overs. Although your host could be happy seeing you finish and enjoy all of the dishes, they will also get worried and think the food had not been enough. Should you ever get invited to have dinner with a Chinese family, never finish every one of the food on the table, otherwise your host will panic, see a kitchen and initiate cooking again.

    And that i like the idea of sharing, because similar to this, everyone is able to taste different food on the table. Needless to say, should you not like the idea of everyone using their own chopsticks to pick up the foodstuff from same plate, it's possible to employ a different spoon for each and every plate.

    Returning to the important points for each meal, for instance, during weekdays, I might prepare three dishes for every dinner for 2 of us. Such as a rather 'heavy' dish, a meat or seafood dish (or soybean dish for just a 'vegetarian' night), one vegetable dish, then one salad (specifically summer).

    The cooking are often very simple and quick. However in China it is crucial per meal to add in different food varieties and different forms of taste.

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